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EZ Flash IV is by far your best alternative for actual, physical GBA emulation. But, before you go out and find yourself a cart, allow me to impart some words of wisdom on the subject, as I recently did so myself and had a HUGE headache with all of the issues I stumbled into because I didn't know any better. After hours of fiddling, I got it working like a champ.

  1. I ordered my cart from this website. Many people recommended that I get it from, but I was skeptical about their site as I had heard some bad things about items getting lost in the mail. I didn't want to risk my item being lost like that, so I wanted to order stateside. This ended up biting me in the ass because the site I ordered from was based in Beijing, so I had to wait either way. What I found though was that it took less than TWO WEEKS for it to ship and arrive, so I was very pleased with the time it took.
  1. I was initially upset with the quality of the build when I opened the box. It felt as if the device was put together rather poorly, and it seemed as if the two halves of it didn't fit together correctly, leaving one side raised a bit on the top of the cart. I later discovered that this is a purposefully designed thing, because it was created so that the user could disassemble it if anything happens. If you buy a cart and feel like it was put together wrong, take a small glasses screwdriver and unscrew the back phillips screw and fix it.
  1. EVERY SINGLE GUIDE I HAVE READ says that you need to find a MINISD card, because there is supposedly a problem with MicroSD cards and MiniSD adapters. I can tell you that this is not true. After HOURS of searching online for a 2g MiniSD card, I got fed up with it and just ordered a MiniSD→MicroSD adapter, and it works just fine. Keep this in mind however: The EZ Flash IV only supports a certain proprietary type of memory. If it were me, I'd get either a 1g or a 2g MicroSD card AND NO BIGGER. Make sure it is formatted to FAT formatting, (Not FAT 16 or FAT 32) or your EZ Flash IV WILL NOT READ YOUR CARD.
  1. Follow a guide. It's not as simple as drag and drop the roms, then stick the cartridge into a GBA and play. There is a bit of a learning curve to getting the device to operate. Any guide will show you the simple process of flashing a firmware to the cart via the MicroSD card, but what they don't tell you is that the newer wave of EZ Flash IV cards have an issue with their NOR memory. Sometimes, if you want to play certain games that are too big to be read off of the memory card itself, you have to flash the entire game to a specific space of memory on the cartridge itself in order to play it. (I experienced this when I wanted to replay Mother 3). So, you have the flash the game to the NOR memory. The problem I encountered was that the NEWEST version of the Firmware has issues with the NOR memory on the new builds of these carts. So, instead, you have to use a firmware version that isn't the most recent. The second most recent firmware seems to have no issues with it.
  1. When you initially put games onto the memory card, you can't simply drag-and-drop them on the SD card. The EZ Flash IV does not have the capacity to create its own save files, so a save file has to be loaded onto the card initially with the rom, or else you will encounter a ton of issues when saving your games. Luckily, there exists a piece of software that will do all of this for you. The link for it is here. Use the software, plug your MicroSD card into your computer via USB mount or a card reader, and make sure you know which drive the card is. Then, just designate where you will send your roms and flash them over. It will store all the roms on the card, as well as create a "SAVER" folder with all of the saves to go along with it.
  1. The official firmware that was released for the EZ Flash IV has a weird Star Wars theme that comes with it. Me personally, I disliked the theme a ton and wanted something else. Just know that there are other options available for themes for the EZ Flash IV, and if you want a different theme, all it requires is for you to flash a different Firmware before you begin the process. The theme I use is this one. I am using the 1.72 version and you should too. It's nice, simplistic, and it is running the second newest firmware so that I don't get the issues with the NOR memory.
  1. NOT ALL GAMES WORK CORRECTLY. Some Roms have to be specifically patched so their save states save differently before working correctly on the device. One such instant that comes to mind is Advanced Wars. Use Google to make sure your games are formatted correctly before dropping them onto your card and giving it a go, just to make sure no extra work is needed to ensure your games save correctly.

As a noob who spent HOURS fighting with all of this, getting frustrated and running in circles, I feel that these are things you should KNOW before getting into what I had to deal with. There were several times I wanted to break the damn thing and give up, because it was such a hassle. But now that I have it in working order, and now that I have a Gameboy Micro with this cart in my pocket at all times with my entire GBA library with me, it is easily one of the best purchase decisions I have made in a long while. So, if you need any other help, PLEASE feel free to message me and I will do what I can to assist you.

TL;DR: Yes, the EZ Flash IV is the best route to go, but there are some things you should know before purchasing. =D


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