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 +====== Spiel verbindet nicht mit Google Play ======
 +I've just managed to resolve the issue on the Pokemon app and hopefully others but I've not got time to check.
 +If anyone is having this issue and can't find anything, please follow what I've found tonight (info was found on this site, however it was in German which I don't speak but after translating I've roughly followed it and it's worked).
 +1) Go to https://​
 +2) Click the Settings icon above your inbox and then on the drop down box, press Settings again.
 +3) Along the top of the next page, click Accounts and Import
 +4) Change your email from * to *
 +This instantly resolved the issue for me, I really hope this helps other people that are having this issue!
 +Original Poster
 +Daniel Eccles
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