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 +====== Konstruktoren in Abstrakter Klasse ======
 +>>Why is it possible to write constructor for an abstract class in C#?
 +>>As far as I know we can't instantiate an abstract class.. so what is it for?
 +>>You can't instantiate the class, right?
 +>Because there might be a standard way you want to instantiate data in the abstract class. That way you can have classes that inherit from that class call the base constructor.
 +public abstract class A{
 +    private string data;
 +    protected A(string myString){
 +      data = myString;
 +    }
 +public class B : A {
 +     ​B(string myString) : base(myString){}
 +Quelle: [[http://​​questions/​5601777/​constructor-of-an-abstract-class-in-c-sharp]]
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