4 Elements - How to Start

My FIX - to use it!

  1. start DXWnd
  2. go on Edit than Add
  3. Name it - 4Elements - 4E … what ever you want :)
  4. get the Path: ( YourDrive:\Steam\SteamApps\common\4 Elements\4 Elements.exe )
  5. same to Launch:
  6. You are under "Main" in the Generic Section disable all - but not "use DLL Injection", when there is no mark - mark it pls
  7. Under "Video" disable all in "Windows handling" and "Color managment"
  8. in "Screen resolution" it should marked "SVGA modes" and "Limit resolution:", take "1024x768"
  9. Go to DirectX under
    "DirectX Version hook" = Automatic
    "Emulation" = None
    "Filtering" = ddraw default
    Surface … = nothing marked same to AERO handling
  10. Go to "Direct3D", on this you sould have ONLY the Radio Button
    "Swap Effect" = Discard
    and "Texture handling" = None
    leave the rest empty.
  11. At "Libs"
    "GDI" = No GDI handling
    "Kernal" = Default
    under "OpenGL" activate "Hook OpenGL" and "Force Hook"
    under "MM" activate "Remap MCI coordinates"
  12. "Compat."
    Take and activate the "Fake Version" - Windows 7 and activate under "Registry" "Emulate Registry" - leve all other on that side unmarked.


  • CREATE PROCESS error=740
    that means (in normal way) that anything cant be "created" - like a LOGFile, a setting.ini or

something like that. So please try to start dxwnd in administrator mode. Maybe you sould give the main file (4 Elements.exe) administrative rights.

  • CREATE PROCESS error=2
    at normal way, it means the same like error=740 - pls test it and inform me again

when you have more information, better settings, errors … write it here thx!


  • SAVE YOUR DATA: ( thx justmiike)
    • Save file location: C:\ProgramData\Playrix Entertainment\4 Elements
    • The file you need is GameInfo.xml.
    • Copy the file to: …Steam\steamapps\common\4 Elements\Base
    • This will restore your save progress.
    • On older CPU activate, under "Main", "Optimize CPU. With older AMD CPU´s i had crashes - someone else? - Intel CPU´s = no Problem.

°°° changed the URL, should work now °°° @dd Error list °°° @dd Tweaks-Special … °°°°°°°°° @dd Save your progress / data °°°°°°°°° @dd run smoother on old cpu °°° r3freshed Error list

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